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Expert metal crimping in Perth 

We offer metal crimping services for metal products with a thickness of 0.42 to 1mm. As with all our expert processes, our crimping is carried out with the utmost accuracy and precision to ensure that your crimped products are a perfect fit every time.

Crimping is a simple method for enhancing the fit of metal parts that need to be joined together using a tight (interference) fit, often in the absence of other jointing adhesives or jointing compounds. Our equipment can take care of small batches or larger production runs of products that require crimping for any purpose.

Talk to the experts here at Acorn Metal Products today to ascertain the suitability of crimping as a cost-effective option for your products or fabricated components. Our crimping services are both efficient and effective for a wide range of product applications. Whatever you need, we have the equipment and expertise to see your project through to its successful and profitable conclusion.

crimped flue edge
steel flue pipe
top of metal flues
Call us now on 08 9248 8888 for the full details of our metal crimping services and how they can benefit your products.

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