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CNC controlled de-coiler facilities in Perth 

The team here at Acorn Metal Products work our way through a huge amount of raw materials in the process of providing the fabrication requirements of our discerning clients. Much of our raw material is produced as either flat sheet or wound onto rolls at the point of manufacture, to facilitate ease of storage and economical transport.

The benefits of our CNC controlled de-coiler

As with all our modern and efficient equipment, our CNC de-coiler represents our commitment to invest in the latest machinery. The use of computer numerical control (CNC) enables us to supply the other phases of your production or fabrication processes with the precise amount of raw materials needed. Our state-of-the-art Forstner CNC controlled de-coiler can handle materials up to 1220mm in width and 1.2mm in thickness.

Contact our helpful and friendly team of fabricators today to discuss how CNC controlled de-coiling can enhance the efficiency of your project - because time saved equals money saved! Increased efficiency through the use of such methods is just one more way that we can ensure that your requirements are met within our agreed timeframe and budget.

sheet metal de-coiler machine
metal de-coiling machine
coils of rolled sheet metal
Call us today on 08 9248 8888 for details on how CNC controlled de-coiling will best benefit your next project.

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